July 26, 2013

Get DEMO group.....great idea

great praise for this idea to Jocie
I joined the group, not only as a designer...
also to know the fastest way to what is new.
The nice thing is you dont must go from shop to shop for get the demo ^^
 ladys makes a lot of advertising for this group...
 so that more people and designer join

Joice NC:
Get DEMO group

Dear Designer, Blogger, Fashion-Freaks :)
In this Group you can send out your NEW´s DEMOS
It´s another way to get more customers, because they can see and try your stuff.
Only DEMOS. Notecards and pictures are not allowed.

Join us  :)
Group key   d2049e55-267a-a216-3628-12ca46abf771

Just ask me for designer title

have a nice day
Joice Dreamscape

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