July 31, 2014

July 13, 2014


I sat at my computer this morning ... and write my post
then I looked up the date
and I feel I have forgotten something
13.07 ..... 13. .... 07 .... July hmmmmm
what was it ???

lay down on sofa and watches TV
one hour later ... bammmm
I found out what was 
I have my anniversary forgotten from the blog 
I write know 

3 years and 5 Day 
my blog
long time
1. post comes out at 08.07.2011

hahaha how I looked
No Mesh, no lolas ... nothing ... oldschool
1 5 5 4   P o s t
from my and my Authors.

Big thanks to all our readers
who had always been faithful to us over 3 years.
big big kisses to you.

and big thanks to all who have helped and 
share their outfit with you.
and a special thank goes to our Verifine
she works with me 1,5 year together
and i hope any longer.

many many many many thanks for your fabulous support

I or We ♥ you all 


1. Hair Fair Collection 2014 * Special * = Vanity Hair

Hi Ladys
Today i want let u see  the Hair Collection from
 Vanity Hairs for the Hair Fair 2014.
And realy i must say...wooooooow
I'm really overwhelmed and
it can not be expected that they will start