September 1, 2014

OMG...look my GACHA - Yardsale

Sell your double & which you do not like

Hi Ladys and Gentleman´s

Welcome to our small sweet Yardsale

sell your double & which you do not like
OMG look my Gacha Yardsale Table - 25 prim at 100L per week.

Feel free to set your selling price on ur Gacha Items.

TP to Yardsale

Our advertising:
We have one Blog where we make one side special for the Gacha Yardsale and make´s a banner on the main side
We want postet one or two time in week  on FB in some Groups.

Yardsale Group Rules:

The Yardsale group is for the ability to rezz on the land only. The main group OMG look my Gacha! is where you can shout out what you have that is new, trade sell and buy from your table. If you have a question concerning your rental contact babyblue26 Tizzy or Verifine Resident

-No Multiple Tables - No more than one rental box per person. If you rent more than one box you will be removed from one and anything rezzed there returned immediately.

-Packaging - Use 0.5x0.5 packaging or smaller for boxing. No large signs that block visibility to other peoples tables
NO Large Objects for Yard

-Advertising - No advertising your other yardsale tables or resale stores on the table or through the groups. You can use the group Gacha Junkies for this purpose

-No modifications on rentals - Once you rent a table it is yours for the duration. We do not add prims or change your location

-No Liability - We are not responsible for your items. Period. Reminders are sent when your rental fee is due, there is no grace period or exceptions. Items are returned when the rental box runs out without further notice. SL eats stuff during rolling restarts and such, we have no control over this.

-Scamming - Trade and buy at your own risk however, if we have reason to believe you are scamming people you will be removed from the group and banned from the sim. We have zero tolerance for people ruining what is supposed to be a fun experience.

-Table Turnover - Keeping your table fresh is the key to developing repeat customers. People who come to a table and see the same thing over and over tend to stop coming. On a bigger scale this is true of the yardsale. Gachatopia is a monitored sale and we will periodically do rounds and tap people to add new things or change over their stock. This is for YOUR best interest and the best interest of the yardsale as a whole.

-Termination - We reserve the right to terminate your rental at anytime without refund.

TP to Yardsale

Questions, suggestions?
Feel free to contact us!
We'll be happy to answer all of your questions.

babyblue25 Tizzy Owner

verifine Resident  Owner

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