November 22, 2015

New Event in SL : ~ Lick IT ~

New Event in SL

♥ ~ Lick IT ~ ♥
Weekly Event
sexy...naughty...kinky and cute Ladies!

We are searching for Designers & Bloggers
for our WEEKLY event.
If you are creative and talented
then we would like to invite you here to join us.

☞ Designer:
A bit about "Lick IT"
The First round will start in the month of December ( 2nd Dec. first rent day , first opening 4th Dec. )
Rent day - Every Wendsday at 01:00 PM SL - Time ( for germans 22:00 Uhr )
Setup day - Every Thursday
Opening day - Every Friday at 11:00 AM SL - Time ( for germans 20:00 Uhr )
Lick It is a WEEKLY event in Second Life
We would like to see ONE Exclusive Item per week but its NOT a requirement.
Items can not be sold at other events during the round.
The Items will be sold at 75L$ for the NORMAL & SMALL Spots not more or less,
for the VIP spots you can be sold at 75L$ - 100L$
You can sale sexy .. naughty ... kinky and or cute things, also poses ect..
Prices about the Spots ....
4 VIP : 450L$/week 30 Prims
11 NORMAL: 350L$/week 20 Prims
2 Small: 200L$/week 10 Prims
We have also 5 Gacha places where u can put ur own gacha mashine that will be 100L$/week for using the prims

☞ Designer Rules:
Each designer is mandatory to offer to create the appliers from each mesh body like Omega, TMP, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza.
No mesh unless it fits Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Tmp and you have to include the Demo.
The items have to be presented in Racks.
The only scripts allowed are Landmark Givers and Group invitators.
Lick IT will NOT accept to display items featuring branded names or logos such as Chanel, Adidas, etc. or copyrighted stuff such as Barbie, Disney, etc. Such items will be returned to their creator.

Bloggers are required to blog 2 NEW items per week as well as 2 VIP Items.
At the end of every month, bloggers have to fill out a form with their posts.
Blog must have HQ pictures
You must have at least 6 months Blogging in Second Life

If u have any questions then please feel free to contact us!
We would be happy to answer your questions
And we would love to have you on our Team

babyblue25 Tizzy

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